Midway Cover

Well, it’s finally happened. I messed around and published my short story, Midway, on Amazon. It’s a little scary, jumping into the land of public scrutiny this way, but it was time. You saw my last post. I just couldn’t keep the little tyke stuck at home any longer.

This particular story is one I tended for awhile before it grew legs strong enough to run away from me. It was inspired partly by my friend, Cassie, who is the biggest state fair nut I have ever known (seriously, this girl saves money for months just to have enough to blow in a grand fashion when the annual fair rolls around), and partly from a paranoid vision I had when I was visiting the fair myself a few years ago. You know, those worst case scenario thoughts your mind likes to terrorize you with sometimes? I won’t ruin the story for you with too many details, but man that image stuck with me, and immediately started to bloom out into a story. Of course, once I got down to writing it, things turned out to be not quite what they seemed. Just read it. You’ll see…

Midway can be purchased for a whopping 99 cents on Amazon for Kindle or in pdf format, if you just want to read it on your good ol’ PC. If you’re an Amazon Prime member and short on cash, it is also available through the Amazon lending library.

Thank you for reading and thank you, as always, for supporting indie writers!


About akfrancis

I write fiction, drink coffee, herd kids and furry creatures, and try to make the world a little better than I found it.
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