Musings and a Whole New Story

So. This girl, for her birthday, is going to 80s Prom. No joke. I’m excited and a little nervous, because I’m still not entirely sure what I’m going to wear. But, the tickets have been bought, so there’s no backing out now. Your fearless writer will be on the arm of her 80s-clad date, Mr. V., and we shall have a grand old time. There might even be pictures. If you’re lucky.

In writing news, there are a few new developments I’d like to share with you. First of all, the little indie litmag I run with my co-editor and co-museling, Terri Wallace, has finally landed on it’s very first publishable piece. And published it was, last Friday. What, might you ask, was the one that made our eyes light up and say, “This will be our first published piece.” It was a poem, actually, by the very talented Eleanor Fogolin, titled Eve Eats an Apple in the Byward Market, and it was everything we were looking for. It was more.

You see, sometimes you read a thing, and it just elates you, or tugs at you, or takes residence inside you, refusing to leave. Sometimes, when you read something great, it just… it just gets you. And that’s when you know you are experiencing true art, as it was meant to be experienced. That is what this piece did, and it humbled us as we read it. It was like a little gift from Ms. Fogolin to us, we mere minions of the Drunken Muse, and the Muse saw it, and raised her glass in salute. Seconds later the wine was gone in a single gulp, and she was back at the box to pour more, but we appreciated her approval and reverence while it lasted.

Drunk Monk

We think she takes after this guy.

So now, we muselings are on the hunt for the next great piece which will grace the front page of Drunken Muse Press, and I am getting back to my own personal writing, begging for a little time from the Muse for myself.

I have an adventure/murder/sci-fi/suspense story I’m working on which follows the trials of a young woman after finding a dead body her husband left in the trunk of their car. Things get pretty hairy pretty quick, and I have a lot of plans for this thing. I am considering releasing it as a serial, but I want to have most of it finished before I start putting the bits before my readers. I don’t want to leave anyone hanging longer than is strictly prudent. You understand.

While I work out the kinks in that tale, I think I might offer my short story, Midway, for free for a time here pretty soon. I have to figure that part out (being all new to this e-publishing thing, as I am), but I will let you all know here first once that happens. You’ll will help me spread the word, won’t you?


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I write fiction, drink coffee, herd kids and furry creatures, and try to make the world a little better than I found it.
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