All Hallows Read: A Giveaway

One of 4 beautiful All Hallow's Read posters for 2014 by the Introverted Wife. See all of them here:

One of 4 beautiful All Hallow’s Read posters for 2014 by the Introverted Wife. Click the image to see them all.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It has been since I was a wee thing begging for candy in my gypsy-child costume, or Holly Hobby, or whoever I was that year. And even as I grew too old for trick or treating (like, you know, in my twenties), I have always dressed up, dutifully taking my own youngster out for ghostly fun or seeking out the nearest costume party. This is the day of the year that I live for. It overshadows Yule and Thanksgiving and even my birthday. But then, a few years back, it got even better. One of my favorite author’s, the inimitable Neil Gaiman, started this thing he calls All Hallow’s Read. The idea behind this thing was to encourage reading, and how it would work is that people would give scary books to people in celebration of the day. In my very humble opinion, this idea is and was BRILLIANT. Books, fictions stories, even better SCARY fiction stories, being given away willy nilly on the coolest, spookiest night of the year? Too cool. Well, fiends and ghouls, this fine tradition exists still today. And this year I have two special gifts to give away to all of you!

In honor of All Hallow’s Read, I have decided to make both of my spooky short stories, Midway and The House on H Street, FREE for all you e-book readers, starting tomorrow (that’s tonight at midnight) through Midnight on Halloween night. We indies can do stuff like that. Like my dear friend Terri Wallace. She’s giving away her story, The Collector, for free, too. It’s our way of celebrating this fantastic tradition with you wonderful readers of the dark and macabre. And, hey, pass it on! The joy is in the giving.



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I write fiction, drink coffee, herd kids and furry creatures, and try to make the world a little better than I found it.
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