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All Hallows Read: A Giveaway

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It has been since I was a wee thing begging for candy in my gypsy-child costume, or Holly Hobby, or whoever I was that year. And even as I grew too old for trick or … Continue reading

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Free Short Story and Wedding Planning Madness

School is back in session for all my young ‘uns and I am in full swing wedding planning madness, as I prepare to marry the fabulous Mr. V in October. This translates into stress, stress, stress, oh-my-god the stress. There … Continue reading

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World Book Night Giveaway

It’s World Book Night! The day when all of us book nerds get to share our love of reading with THE WORLD! This is my third year as a giver, and this time I selected the book, The Dog Stars by Peter … Continue reading

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Birthday Giveaway

Hey guys, guess what! It’s my birthday this weekend! *blows party horn* In honor of me celebrating having been born and getting to join the great big earth party that is this life, I have decided to make my short … Continue reading

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Well, it’s finally happened. I messed around and published my short story, Midway, on Amazon. It’s a little scary, jumping into the land of public scrutiny this way, but it was time. You saw my last post. I just couldn’t keep … Continue reading

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