Mary Beth Carpenter’s favorite escape from her dull reality is the carnival. She loves the food, she loves the sights, and she especially loves the rides. But, after experiencing terror on a ride she’d never seen before, Mary Beth finds she just might lose herself to the midway forever.

Midway is available for Kindle on Amazon


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  4. Ren says:

    Saw this on /r/books and decided I’d give it a shot! I’ll make sure to leave a review here and on Amazon when I’m done to let you know what I think! Thanks for the free read!

  5. akfrancis says:

    Thanks, Ren! I hope you like it!

  6. Ren says:

    Midway was an interesting and quick read. I saw it being offered for free during World Book Knight on Amazon and grabbed it up for my kindle. I’m always a fan of seeing new indie authors emerge and seeing what they have to offer the reading community. Sometimes you find diamonds and sometimes you find fool’s gold.

    This was… not quite either. I would compare Midway to an unpolished gemstone. The author has a very elegant writing style and right away I was able to fall into the setting that Francis had painted. I could hear the sounds of people in the distance screaming in joy and terror as they rode rides, flooding out the sounds of the ever beckoning carnies. I could smell the funnel cake and taste the fresh, hot corn dog. Francis did a very good job at painting her scene and the character was someone who could be any of us. However, Mary Beth wasn’t simply a self-insert character, she was able to put herself aside from that sort of thing with her own quirks, fears, and worries.

    However, while the story was good the ending left me with some questions that I didn’t quite feel.. satisified with. I felt it left the story off a cliffhanger of sorts. My instinctive thought was that perhaps this short story could maybe bleed into another story, or maybe even a series of stories. It felt like the ending was a loose thread. That, however, may have been how the author was wanting it so the story could be played around with at another time.

    Now time for the key questions:

    Why 4 out 5 stars?
    Actually, I would call it more like 3.5, but there were a couple factors that bumped it up to a 4. The story did what it was meant to: it entertained me and it made me suspensful. The writing style was impeccable and well done for an indie author. I’ve read quite a few indie author books and short stories and this story trumps quite a few of them. I do not give out ratings easily. I analyze the story hard after I read it and try to be as honest and fair as possible. Writer’s do not get better by people constantly praising them, they get better by honesty. And I honestly felt that the author deserved the four stars. The only thing that made me withold the last star was my confusion towards the end, and my feeling that this is not her best work. I have a feeling that Francis has the ability to make much better work, and I’m saving the five stars for when I’ve got the chance to read it.

    Would I have bought it?
    In retrospect, after I’ve read it, I would have to say that the price put up is perfectly reasonable! It’s an interesting, suspenseful story and worth the .99C that Francis is modestly asking for.

    Would I recommend it?
    Sure! It’s good and I urge those who are unsure and sitting on the fence to give it a shot! It won’t blow you out of the water, but it will give you you money’s worth!

    Francis had a way with words that has made me very curious and excited about where she’s going as a writer. I may have to read some of her other stuff and give them a read. =) Given some time to sharpen her work, she might be able to give A.R. Wise a run for his money someday! Good luck, Francis, and keep writing!

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