The House on H Street

As promised, The House on H Street is FREE for your reading pleasure (and terror) today through this Thursday, 9/4. Listen to The Word Peddler. She knows what she’s talking about.

The Word Peddler

If your Kindle is hungry, or if you just need a little Back to School treat to read while waiting at the bus stop, or stuck in the insanely long school pick-up line, download The House on H Street.  It is FREE on Amazon, and this creepy urban fantasy will help scare away those Back to School Blues!

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Free Short Story and Wedding Planning Madness

These are not our wedding invitations

These are not our wedding invitations

School is back in session for all my young ‘uns and I am in full swing wedding planning madness, as I prepare to marry the fabulous Mr. V in October. This translates into stress, stress, stress, oh-my-god the stress. There is so much to do! I’ve spent Labor Day weekend laboring over printing invitations and getting the envelope fonts just right. Mr. V and I worked on folding and stuffing said envelopes while watching the latest episode of Doctor Who. (Peter Capaldi makes a hell of a Doctor, am I right?) And then there’s all the other stuff to coordinate: does everyone have their wedding costumes put together; can we really afford a costume for the minister; can we have alcohol at a state park; is the photographer still in; and oh-my-god-the house, people are coming in from out of town! But, I have to admit, it’s also a lot of fun. We’re putting together a Princess Bride themed shindig, so the movie quotes and jokes laced with all that twu-wuv romance makes it extra-nerdy special. Because mawwiage.

In the midst of all of this, I am also planning on doing a couple of short story promos in the near future. I’ll be offering The House on H Street for FREE starting tomorrow, September 2nd – 4th, as a little back-to-school treat. And then, closer to the fall equinox, Midway will get the same FREE, FREE, FREE treatment. Nothing like a freaky carnival tale to get you in the mood for all those fall festivals. I will announce both freebies here, Facebook, and Twitter, so keep your eyes peeled.

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The House on H Street

Hello sweetlings. It’s been awhile, and I know I am a horrible bloggess for neglecting you so, but I wanted to tell you about something new.  Well, something I penned quite awhile ago, but it is new to you, my friends, and it is freshly polished and tweaked.

I offer this up as penance for disappearing for months. This, I know, is unforgivable, but it is why I am here now to right the wrongs of the universe and to finally, without further adieu, bring you…

H Street (1)

The House on H Street
 is a creepy little tale about a lady and her family and a house that turns their world upside down. A little bit tragedy, and a little bit urban legend, this short short story (weighing in at just under 2,200 words) is the sort you read over a camp fire, or if you are faint of heart, with all the lights on and a blanket drawn up for comfort.

It is now on sale for download at for 99 cents, for your reading pleasure. If you do read it, please let me know your impressions. I love hearing from readers. You make my little writer world go ’round.

Talk to you soon, my lovelies. Happy reading!

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Why Is The Media Ignoring Author Exploitation By Publishers?

Indie authors beware!

David Gaughran

prhasiThe Amazon-Hachette dispute has caught the media’s attention. But what about the story the media refuses to cover?

The media is more concerned with one-sided accounts of Amazon’s perceived actions – when no one really knows the exact nature of the dispute.

The media is more concerned with what Amazon might do in the future, than actual author exploitation by the world’s largest trade publisher: Penguin Random House.

Penguin Random House owns the world’s largest vanity press – Author Solutions – which is currently subject to a class action for deceptive business practices, breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and violation of business statutes in California, New York, and Colorado.

The court papers cover the same ground that I’ve been blogging about for the last three years, that Writer Beware has spent even longer documenting, and others like Emily Suess and Mick Rooney have covered in extensive detail.


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World Book Night Giveaway

My World Book Night stash

My World Book Night stash

It’s World Book Night! The day when all of us book nerds get to share our love of reading with THE WORLD! This is my third year as a giver, and this time I selected the book, The Dog Stars by Peter Heller. It’s a beautiful post-apocalyptic story of the physical trials and somewhat existential inner conflicts of a lone pilot named Hig, and what happens when he follows a radio transmission igniting the bleak hope that there might still be people in the world who don’t want to kill you on sight.


This, my friends, is the book I will spread far and wide. Some will go to a group of homeless folk I have given to every year, via a friend who works at the fantastic soup kitchen, Iron Gate. Another handful will be given to Youth Services of Tulsa, also one of my regular recipients. The rest will go to random unsuspecting strangers, who will look at me suspiciously as I try to hand them something free and wonderful with no strings attached. Such is the joy and the fun of World Book Night.

Giveaways for My Blog Readers

But one copy of The Dog Stars, of course, will go to one of you, my trusty readers, because you’re awesome and you deserve it. How do you get to be the lucky recipient of such fantastic literature?  Just tell me in the comments about your favorite story growing up; something you feel changed your view of the world, something you’ve kept with you all your life since. I will select a comment at random and announce the winner here on this blog. The winner will then have seven (7) days to provide me with an address so I can pop your new book in the mail to you.

And, in the spirit of the day, I am also making my short story, Midway, FREE for download today on Amazon. Anyone and everyone can have this one on their Kindle for absolutely nothing, because it’s World Book Night and I love spreading the love. All that I ask is, if you read my story, spread the news and share it with others. And, if you are so inclined, tell Amazon what you thought of it. These reader reviews are so helpful to us indie authors. Your words matter to us as much as we hope our words matter to you.

And now I am off to pass out paperbacks like a benevolent book faerie! Happy World Book Night!

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Birthday Giveaway

Hey guys, guess what! It’s my birthday this weekend! *blows party horn*

In honor of me celebrating having been born and getting to join the great big earth party that is this life, I have decided to make my short story, Midway, FREE on Amazon starting midnight tonight! So, if you don’t have it yet, you’ve got from midnight tonight (technically Saturday) through the end of Sunday to snatch it up without any of that pesky money getting in the way. It is my gift to you, for also being a living, breathing Earthling. I mean, it would be a great weekend to curl up with a cup of hot tea or coffee and a new (free!) creepy little short story on your Kindle, don’t you think? I’ve got you covered.

Happy reading, friends!

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Musings and a Whole New Story

So. This girl, for her birthday, is going to 80s Prom. No joke. I’m excited and a little nervous, because I’m still not entirely sure what I’m going to wear. But, the tickets have been bought, so there’s no backing out now. Your fearless writer will be on the arm of her 80s-clad date, Mr. V., and we shall have a grand old time. There might even be pictures. If you’re lucky.

In writing news, there are a few new developments I’d like to share with you. First of all, the little indie litmag I run with my co-editor and co-museling, Terri Wallace, has finally landed on it’s very first publishable piece. And published it was, last Friday. What, might you ask, was the one that made our eyes light up and say, “This will be our first published piece.” It was a poem, actually, by the very talented Eleanor Fogolin, titled Eve Eats an Apple in the Byward Market, and it was everything we were looking for. It was more.

You see, sometimes you read a thing, and it just elates you, or tugs at you, or takes residence inside you, refusing to leave. Sometimes, when you read something great, it just… it just gets you. And that’s when you know you are experiencing true art, as it was meant to be experienced. That is what this piece did, and it humbled us as we read it. It was like a little gift from Ms. Fogolin to us, we mere minions of the Drunken Muse, and the Muse saw it, and raised her glass in salute. Seconds later the wine was gone in a single gulp, and she was back at the box to pour more, but we appreciated her approval and reverence while it lasted.

Drunk Monk

We think she takes after this guy.

So now, we muselings are on the hunt for the next great piece which will grace the front page of Drunken Muse Press, and I am getting back to my own personal writing, begging for a little time from the Muse for myself.

I have an adventure/murder/sci-fi/suspense story I’m working on which follows the trials of a young woman after finding a dead body her husband left in the trunk of their car. Things get pretty hairy pretty quick, and I have a lot of plans for this thing. I am considering releasing it as a serial, but I want to have most of it finished before I start putting the bits before my readers. I don’t want to leave anyone hanging longer than is strictly prudent. You understand.

While I work out the kinks in that tale, I think I might offer my short story, Midway, for free for a time here pretty soon. I have to figure that part out (being all new to this e-publishing thing, as I am), but I will let you all know here first once that happens. You’ll will help me spread the word, won’t you?

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